The Art of Being Human

Saturday 3 March 2018 (08:30 -17:00)
Sunday 4 March 2018 (08:30 -13:00)
Teacher : Geoff Crinean
Coordinator : Paul Turvey
Price: $100.00
The programme is a day and a half long and includes meditation instruction,meditation practice,discussion,and talks on the Shambhala teachings by,senior teacher Dr Geoff Crinean from Halifax,Nova Scotia.

In 1976 the renowned meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche introduced a new set of teachings compatible with Buddhism but derived from a more ancient lineage.these teachings which he named Shambhala Training were non religious and non sectarian.Emphasis is placed on the ordinary experience of daily life in conjunction with meditation practice as the means to discover basic human wisdom.

The practice of mindfulness awareness meditation taught in Shambhala Training enables us to look precisely at our state of mind without trying to alter it. This practice cultivates openness toward ourselves and our environment, moment by moment. When we practice openness our lives can be a journey of wakeful and genuine existence.

We begin to see our potential as genuine,dignified and compassionate human beings.

This is the first of a sequence of weekend programmes each of which offer a complete and worthwhile experience


Both mornings start with a light breakfast at 8.30. Lunch can be had at the organic cafe across the road or you may bring your own.

Discounts are availble where needed. Please contact Paul Turvey; 021 809 756

For more information please contact Paul: 021 809 756